Contingency Job Search

Contingency search is often the solution when a client can take their time in filling the role; and it is the most common form of search utilized by companies. When a company hires a contingency firm, they usually are seeking to maximize their exposure to an extremely wide range of candidates. We recommend this process once your internal sourcing methods haven’t yielded the desired results and you aren’t in a rush to get the job filled.

What Makes Key Corporate Services Different?

Within the industries that we recruit, our efforts result in us identifying the top talent in their market. We focus on C-level, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Sales professionals, generally most salaried level positions.

We utilize our relationships with these candidates to create a deeper profile of the industries we service. Our process differs in that we assess the position your company needs filled and engage the entire industry candidate pool, rather than the fraction of people actively seeking employment.

When your business seeks contingency search services, contact us at Key Corporate Services. We will be the link that connects your company with the right candidate.

To find out if contingency search is the best solution for your organization, contact one of our managing partners to discuss your needs and situation.

Jeff Wilson: 317-598-1950 ext 102 or
Dave Kerns: 317-598-9450 or

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