Candidate Resources

How We Work with a Candidate

  • First, you should register with us by sending us your resume via email. We will review your resume, classify your job and career experience and then add you to our database. By registering with us you gain access to the “hidden job market” with leading companies.
  • We conduct all of our job searches in strict confidence, and we do not charge the candidate any fees.
    It is important to match your career skills and style with a suitable company so you may not be contacted immediately after you register. We want to ensure the best “fit” for you, which may mean waiting for the right opportunity.
  • When we receive a suitable job opening, one of our recruiters will contact you to discuss your skills, experience, salary requirements, career goals and geographic location preferences. We present you with all the information about an opening to see if you are interested and to obtain permission to submit your name to the client company.
  • When a match is obtained, we set up an interview, provide you with information about the company and the hiring manager and prepare you for the interview. Following the interview, you will receive feedback we have obtained from the client company. When an offer is extended, we assist with the negotiations until an agreement is achieved.
  • We can also guide you through the process of resigning from your current employer. It is important to remain professional and always leave your current company on good terms.

What You Should Know as a Candidate

  • Submit a current resume in Word format.
  • Be prepared to discuss your experiences, career goals, salary, corporate culture requirements, benefits and geographic location preference when we call.
  • Be honest about your skills, experience, preferences, salary, education, references, etc.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a call from us immediately.
  • Be candid with us when we contact you about a position – let us know if you are not interested.
  • Take time to research the company and find out as much as you can beyond the information we have given you before your interview.