Multi-Hire Project Search and Recruiting

Some companies utilized RPO organizations as a way to outsource their full staffing needs.  For those companies who wish to maintain some control over the company’s hiring practices or simply don’t want to outsource the entire recruiting process there is an alternative worth considering.  Project Search (Multi-Hire Project Search) is simply assembling a fixed number of open requisitions, many of which may be similar in duties, and partnering with a search firm to successfully and quickly recruit and fill these vacancies.

When you find that the number of open requisitions is growing faster than your team’s ability to complete searches we have a team ready to address your specific needs.  Whether you need to hire professionals in Sales, QA, Regulatory, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Leadership or a combination of these roles, our team is experienced at networking to bring you the quality professionals you require. When speed, quality and cost is vital, Project Search is a wise and productive option for your firm.

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