Executive Search Process

Key Corporate Services, LLC. tailors the executive search and recruitment process to the specific needs of our clients – qualifying the characteristics of each position to be filled. Clear communication with decision makers helps us gain a full understanding of your business and internal culture. Our job recruiters offer partnerships to clients who wish to attract only the finest talent. We invite you to view the steps below for recognized elements in a successful search.

The Client’s Needs Assessment

Develop Client’s Message
We begin by securing knowledge and understanding of company history, corporate culture, market position, organizational structure and value proposition.

Product Specification
After assessing our client’s needs, we develop an in depth description of duties/responsibilities, compensation structure/package and profile of the ideal job candidate.

Candidate Research, Identification, Evaluation & Selection

Formulate the Search Strategy
We develop a list of target companies from which we will most likely find appropriate candidates. These sources include networking with industry contacts, executive level resources, database and original sourcing calls.

Candidate Interviews & Assessment
After our research and sourcing efforts to identify the best candidates, we interview them, determine their level of interest, conduct a behavioral interview (as necessary), and evaluate their qualifications and personal suitability.

Candidate Presentation
A short list of only the candidates best suited to the position are presented for client interviews.

Client Interviews & Assessment
We coordinate and manage the logistics of the interviews. We debrief with clients & candidates and resolve any open issues or concerns.

Select Final Candidates
Interactive consultation with client to narrow shortlist to finalists.

Finalizing the Hire

Assist in Structuring the Offer
We assist you in setting and negotiating base salary, bonus and stock options. We re-confirm compensation criteria, revisit counteroffer issues with the candidate and start date availability. We confirm the candidate’s commitment to the opportunity to ensure the extended offer will result in acceptance.

After the Offer
After an acceptance, our job is not done. We obtain the signed offer letter. We lead the candidate through the resignation process, to the start date and post-start evaluation and feedback.

Once an offer is accepted, Key Corporate Services supports the candidate’s transition to the client employer.