The people within an organization are the key determiners of its success. The impact of a high-performing team comprised of top talent is transformational. That is why it is critical that a company attract, hire and retain extraordinary talent. This is what Key Corporate Services delivers: high-caliber candidates in line with your culture, mission, teams and value. We take a rigorous approach to recruiting maximizing our expertise, proven recruiting methodologies and industry relationships to capitalize on our unrivaled access to, and relationships with, top talent.

As your strategic business partners, we identify and clarify your right fit. Rather than relying on job descriptions, we ask the right questions to dive into specific KPIs, metrics, deliverables and innate behaviors that are required of candidates to integrate within your culture and fuel success.

Our candidates know us as trusted advisors demonstrating honesty, discretion and respect. They share with us their values, ideals, goals and key factors that will attract them to another organization. We optimize time, quality and resources to delivery verifiable results leveraging streamlined Retained/Engaged and Contingency Recruiting solutions.

In order to recommend the most appropriate, effective and efficient solution call our partners, Dave Kerns and Jeff Wilson, to discuss your needs and situation.