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Do you ever ask yourself any of the following questions?

Why is our internal recruiting staff having difficulties filling our technical and leadership roles?

We hired one of the big RPO firms to fill all of our positions, so why are they struggling to find good talent?

We need a better method for staffing our critical roles, who can bring us a solution?

Identifying, enticing, interviewing, hiring and retaining the BEST talent is very challenging and time consuming to say the least. Your company doesn’t need warm bodies; your company needs more “A” players on the team. That’s where we come in. Our focus in specific markets segments, along with our years of cultivating strong relationships with leaders of these markets, enables us to tap the shoulder of those you aren’t going to find through traditional job-posting recruiting methods. When 80% – 85% of the talent isn’t even looking at your job postings or responding to your InMail inquiry it puts you at a disadvantage.

When you select us as a strategic business partner and utilize our behavioral interviewing system, you will hire the right person more quickly, saving time and money and add a productive member to your staff faster than the competition.

Isn’t it time to start a more meaningful strategic business relationship?

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