Industrial Chemicals Recruiters

Chemical scientists reviewing data on a computer in a laboratoryIndustrial Chemical companies are some of the largest and most prestigious in the world. Success in this industry is driven by talented, spirited, and creative individuals with technical skills and excellent qualifications.

Key Corporate Services’ executive recruiter and search team seeks the markets’ most talented and accomplished professionals who will work diligently to improve the bottom line for our clients. Businesses are both complex and competitive in nature, and in a world filled with growth and pivoting markets, we’re searching for a broad range of candidates who are looking to thrive and grow.

The industrial chemicals industry encapsulates many vital ingredients in the manufacturing of products used around the world. If the economies grow or slow, there will always be a need for chemicals, plastics, and additives to support other products. And just as the need for chemicals are ever present, so too is the need for individuals to drive them to success.

Industrial Chemicals Industries Served

  • Coatings & Adhesives
  • Films
  • Lubricants
  • Masterbatch and Compound Manufacturing
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care
  • Paper chemicals
  • Packaging and Flexible Packaging
  • Paints and Coatings Additives
  • Petrochemical and Refinery Chemicals
  • Petroleum, Lubricant, and Fuel Additives
  • HI&I – Household, Industrial & Institutional
  • Plastic Additives
  • Polymer Materials
  • Resin Manufacturing
  • Polymer Additives
  • Colorants
  • Sealants and Elastomers
  • Metalworking
  • Water treatment

Industrial Chemicals Positions

Key Corporate Services fills all highly specialized and executive positions in the industrial chemicals industry. While the below list is not exhaustive, it helps to show the breadth of positions we represent.

  • C-Suite & VPs
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Account Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Chemist
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Distribution, Logistics, & Supply Chain

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