Behavioral Interviewing Benefits


When you select us as a strategic business partner and utilize our behavioral interviewing process in conjunction with our engaged search process, our key performance indicators result in a fill rate of over 98% and an average of less than 3.3 candidates interviewed for a successful hire. You will hire the right person more quickly, save time and money, and add a productive member to your staff faster than the competition. Even more important, our behavioral interviewing process significantly reduces the likelihood of a costly mis-hire.

What is the advantage of using this methodology? Innate behaviors are a better predictor of future success than skill sets and experience levels alone. We assist you in identifying the right type of behaviors necessary to be successful in the open position. With this information we aid you in defining what “right” looks like. This industry-leading process includes the following steps to ensure that we introduce candidates to you who are better suited for your position:

Determine KPIs: We work with you to understand the requirements of the position on a detailed level. Going far beyond the job description, we work with you to identify the performance outcomes expected in the role.

Prioritize Behaviors: Next, we prioritize the behaviors necessary for success. Doing so helps ensure we focus on the behaviors that are most critical for a quick start and ultimately, success.

Customized Screening:  We develop a customized list of behavioral interview questions specific to the position and a metric system for scoring candidate answers. All questions and answers are available for you to review.

Efficient & Streamlined Interviewing. Since we introduce to you only those candidates whose behaviors match the requirements of the position, you bypass most of the steps you would have to perform on your own. As our statistic demonstrates, we greatly reduce the amount of time you spend and the number of candidates you normally would have to interview.

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