Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We take a rigorous approach to recruiting maximizing our expertise, proven recruiting methodologies and industry networks to deliver quality candidates that are undiscoverable through traditional recruiting methods and processes.

Through specialized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) we optimize time to hire and candidate quality while reducing your hiring costs.

Conventional recruiting methods at best reach up to 20% of potential candidates. Our Executive Recruiters and Sourcers are dedicated and fully immersed into the strategically aligned industries of Chemicals and Pharmaceutical & Biotech with access to 100% of the high-caliber talent pool in these industries. We know and deliver the A players.

We have our finger on the pulse of these industries with in-depth knowledge of the competition, roles, markets, trends and most importantly unrivaled access to, and relationships, with top talent within these segments.

We partner with your HR and direct hiring authorities to develop a comprehensive definition of the right fit for your organization. We take full ownership in sourcing, attracting and vetting candidates that match your needs while providing reporting and metrics allowing you to be fully informed during the process.

RPO solutions allow you to maximize time and quality by filling numerous positions within a short period of time with high-performing, in-demand candidates.

To find out if RPO is the best solution for your organization, contact one of our managing partners to discuss your needs and situation.

Jeff Wilson: 317-598-1950 ext 102 or
Dave Kerns: 317-598-9450 or

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