Jessica Brenneman joins Key Corporate Services in our Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Catalysts practice area!

Jessica Brenneman is a recruiter in the Oil and Gas Industry at Key Corporate ServicesWe were very happy to welcome Jessica Brenneman on board in February! She is working in our Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Catalysts practice area, in which Key Corporate Services is a leading national executive recruiting firm.

Jessica has an outstanding background in business and HR. Fearless on the phone, she worked as a telemarketer during high school. After graduating college, she went to work for Kohl’s as an assistant store manager. Her favorite part of this job was the recruiting, hiring, and team-building process. She helped open two stores in South Florida, playing a key role in the recruitment of managers and other key staff. Her success in this position led her to work at the corporate headquarters in Wisconsin as a merchandise analyst. She was later promoted to merchandise planner and was responsible for planning 8 major and 14 smaller events a year.

At Key Corporate Services, Jessica will be leveraging her past recruiting experiences. She’s an expert at looking at resumes and profiles and digging deeper into career histories with candidates to see where they will be an excellent fit. Her superb organization and telephone skills are also great assets to have in our industry.

About her new work environment, Jessica says,

It’s really relaxed here, but chit-chat is at a minimum. Everyone’s on the phone and down to business. The phones light up at 9:00 a.m., and it just keeps going! It’s the best mix of comfortable and business-oriented.

About the team spirit at Key Corporate Services:

I see a lot of back and forth. Everyone seems to get along really well, and people communicate with each other constantly. A lot of our fields are interrelated. My colleagues often email me and give me tips on who might be interested in a particular candidate.

In the Oil and Gas industry, Jessica is looking for project engineers, reliability engineers, process engineers, and other people with a strong industry background. Please contact her at 317-598-1950 x107 or

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