Executive Recruitment Strategies During An Unemployment Crisis

Executive Job Candidates waiting to be interviewed (source: freepik.com) The health and biotech industries are experiencing a boom. As the economy is coming to grips with a pandemic-affected world, these companies in these sectors have continued to operate to meet increasing demands. With unemployment rates hitting all-time highs in the U.S., a flood of qualified job candidates are applying to work at businesses in these industries. How can HR professionals and managers narrow down the huge field of applicants to find the ideal people for their open positions? Consider the following recruitment strategies to attract the right candidates for the job.

Words Matter

Science-based fields are overrun with requirements that demand precision. As a result, the best job descriptions are precise. When hiring for executive biotech jobs, it’s essential to create detailed job descriptions that don’t mince words. Who do you want to fill this role? Be specific about the requirements applicants must have to be considered, but most importantly, what they will be expected to achieve. If you’re an HR professional but not a biotech expert, consider consulting with a recruitment agency such as Key Corporate Services, which specializes in biotech field recruiting. A headhunting consultant can help you craft job descriptions designed to attract ideal candidates for open positions.

Don’t Be Passive

It might be tempting to kick back with a stack of applicant resumes and a thermos of coffee and peruse the pool of potential hires, but hiring biotechnology professionals is not the time to be passive or nonchalant. Just as applicants are clamoring to work with you, you must clamor to find the best candidate among them–and that’s not easy. Department heads aren’t the only one who will atone for a wrong hire; it costs money–more money to rehire and train someone new. Be aggressive about choosing a new hire. Schedule in-depth interviews, incorporate behavioral interviewing techniques, talk to multiple references, visit their social media accounts–do your utmost to pursue the right candidate to join your team.

Let Us Recruit The Ideal Executive Candidate

Key Corporate Services can help you recruit talent to your biotech industry business or firm. We specialize in team building. Talent, professionalism, personality, collaboration–not all candidates possess the qualities your business needs for a successful hire. Let us help you recruit the ideal candidates for your open positions.

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