Finding what right looks like, part 9: The war for talent (2/2)

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In the last post, I talked about the war for talent and its origins. In this post, we’ll take a look at some solutions to this problem.

The first and most important thing to do is to identify the right candidates (after all, that is what this series is all about, and we can help you do that). Once you’ve identified them, however, the goal is to bring them on board, and the question becomes, “What are some possible motivating factors?”

Tech employees like many of the same benefits as any other employees, of course, but a flex-time schedule is especially popular. A rigid work environment is not conducive to someone who lives and breathes electronic devices and social media 24/7.

Offering a better benefits package than competitors always helps to win the war for talent. A workplace that is family-friendly, offers healthy and popular benefits such as gym memberships and an informal but goal-driven atmosphere makes the new tech person feel welcome and comfortable.

While it once was true that younger employees yawned when 401(k) plans were discussed, since they didn’t want to think ahead to the days of retirement when college days were in their recent past, the economic upheavals that have affected so many have opened their eyes to the idea of saving for the future.

And what about on-boarding and training? Does your company have a plan of action for each new arrival, or are you just winging it? If you have these crucial systems in place (and you definitely should), then be sure to discuss them with the outstanding candidates you aim to hire. When a candidate knows that a company has a plan especially for him or her, it inspires confidence.

If your firm comes out fighting, armed with the right interviewing techniques and the right package of compensation and benefits, you can and will win the war. What follows will be the job offer to the best of the best, a candidate who is almost guaranteed to work out well.

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