How older applicants can appear AGELESS on resumes

"Age is in the eye of the beholder" Anonymous
There are lots of “older” job seekers out there.  If you’re looking for a job and think you fit that description, you might be experiencing heartburn over the age issue impacting your chances of being hired.
A recent article on carried advise from experts on how to appear ageless on resumes.  Their advice is summarized here:
ariadna-oltra-883879__180Use a contemporary resume format

If the thought of choosing a resume format is paralyzing to you, it may be worth using a resume service to ensure your resume stands out among the stack.  First impressions are critical. Older, standard resume formats tell a savvy recruiter things about you even before he reads it.So, a cutting edge design can work in your favor.

Stay in the present

A hurdle older applicants must overcome relates to the perception that they might have difficulty changing their habits to keep up with modernization. Your resume should not go back too far in years citing your experience. Instead, emphasizing recent accomplishments that are relevant to the job make you appear more youthful.  Keep current on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.  This shows you embrace and understand such technologies.

Update your email account

Quite honestly, more and more young people are using gmail as the standard.  So, get yourself a gmail email address and use it on your resumes.  It’s simple and doesn’t cost a thing.

While a contemporary, well-crafted resume will help get you “in the door”, it’s up to you to sell yourself during the interview. That’s where demonstrating that you are current on technologies and trends will often assuage any age-related concerns the interviewer might have.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team