How to Refresh an Old Resume

Anyone thinking about another job knows the importance of having a current resume. Periodically evaluating your resume forces you to think about your career trajectory.  If your resume was created a long time ago, it certainly could stand a “refreshing” update.

Here’s some ways to refresh an old resume and make it alive again.

First, check the layout.

Know that the top 1/3 of the first page will get the most attention by hiring managers.  They will spend only about 20 seconds looking at your resume anyway, so make sure this area of your resume grabs their attention. Make sure that section provides a good sense of who you are and what you can do for them.

Are your headers clear and consistent?  Is there sufficient white space? Squint your eyes and look at the layout without the distraction of the words.  Which section of the layout appears most important?

Review those accomplishments

Highlight accomplishments most relevant to the position you are applying for. Can you refresh with new tasks or responsibilities that better showcase your abilities?  Should your skills be updated?

Quantify your activities

Instead of just listing what you did, quantify goals and accomplishments.

Remember to update your social media to mirror your resume

Companies will likely review your LinkedIn site, so include the URL in your resume and make sure the site supports the professional image you are conveying in your resume.

Let your friends review your resume 

Friends can be a big help when reviewing for typo errors and formatting weaknesses.

At Key Corporate Services, we know the importance of maintaining a current, professional looking resume.  For ideas on how we can help you, give one of our specialists a call.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team