Is your PERSPECTIVE killing your job search?

When searching for a job, it’s important to look at things from an employer’s point of view.  Doing this one thing will give you a competitive edge.  It will change the way you write, the things you communicate and even the way you feel about your search. And, best of all, it’s easy to do, but so uncommon that it will make you shine.

Online jobsite Glassdoor posted a blog entitled How To Think Like An Employer During Your Job Search.  The blog discussed the importance of having the right perspective during any job hunt.  In short, the main point was that  “by thinking like an employer during your job search, you can differentiate yourself among the pool of job seekers.”

We at Key Corporate Services agree. You should look at everything, yes everything, from the employer’s perspective. 

But, what exactly does it mean to look at everything from the employer’s perspective?

Well, quite simply, instead of thinking about what you want and what you have accomplished, think about what the employer wants and what they would think is impressive.

When interacting with the employer (by resume or interview), keep a laser-like focus on making sure your every word and interaction supports the employer’s vision.

Think like the employer and answer key questions from their perspective.

  • How will I decrease costs or increase revenue?
  • How will I affect the team?
  • How will I change the organization?

At Key Corporate Services, it’s our job to educate you thoroughly on the company and the position. You will go into the interview knowledgeable and ready to represent yourself (from the company’s perspective) in the most favorable light.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team