Job Trends in 2017 Are Being Shaped by Technology and Automation

Most experts are forecasting good news for the job market this year. One of those experts, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain of online job site Glassdoor, listed five job trends to watch for in 2017:

  • HR is being transformed through Data Science

While data science has been used for years by businesses to develop products and maximize the marketing of those products, it’s increasingly seen as representing a potential for huge benefits to HR in recruiting and hiring. A trend towards making HR more scientific in the coming year is expected.

  • Automation is here to stay

While automation has been destroying jobs since the invention of the first machine, large-scale job losses are unlikely. The key for job seekers (blue and white-collar) is to stay on the profitable side of automation through ongoing skill building in areas that are complementary to this technology.

  • Excessive benefits packages and perks will be reduced

As today’s tech giants begin to mature into more traditional companies, they will begin to turn their attention to costs and traditional profit margins by trimming excessive perks in benefits packages.

  • Action will be taken to mitigate Gender Pay Gaps

The growing awareness of gender pay gap issues will promote more pay transparency. This will allow workers to more easily identify pay gaps. Also, growing data availability in companies will allow them to recognize and correct these issues before it even shows up in data.

  • The Gig Economy (contracting) has limited application to the overall market

While companies like Uber, Lyft, and AirBnb are visible applications of the gig economy, the reality is these represent a very small segment of the labor market. Even including a broader definition of gig work that includes all the other alternative work arrangements such as temp jobs and freelancers, the impact is still small and those type of jobs are expected to decline in 2017.

For 2017, job seekers and employers will enjoy a strong and growing labor market. It is up to them to take advantage of the trends and invest in the skills and technology needed to take full advantage of the market opportunities.

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