May 2013 was a banner month for Key Corporate Services!

Just when I had written a post about how well our Oil and Gas team had done in May, I get the good news that, actually, Key Corporate Services had a fantastic month overall!

Before I tell you about the placements, I’d like to mention that our success always depends on great clients and great candidates. We are always grateful to the people who make it possible and never take success for granted. But we do want to tell you about it because the energy is really with us right now, so if you are looking for either new talent or a new opportunity, now is the perfect time to contact us!

We had multiple placements in May, with one or more placements in each of the following practice areas:

Our star recruiter Todd Downing got three of these placements–nice work! One secret to his success is his expertise in behavioral interviewing, which lets him find candidates very quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to all of our recruiters for the hard work that led to a great month. We are proud of our team!

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team