Pay raises are coming Soon!

A recent article by AOL jobs online forecasts a hiring surge and associated uptick in salaries during the second quarter.

The article breams with good news, siting that one-third of American employers are expecting to hire new, full-time employees over the next three months.  And, driven by a tightening job market, most plan to start handing out pay raises.

Small businesses are leading the way in the hiring trend.  That’s great news, also, as optimism by this market segment means larger companies will inevitably follow suite.

When you pair that with the fact that hiring has increased in a variety of industries and regional areas, it bodes well for workers seeking new and better-paying employment prospects.”

Employers are feeling the pressure to raise salaries to attract the best candidates. Forty-three percent of employers said that they have job vacancies that have been open for 12 weeks or longer.

A majority of those surveyed said they plan to reward employees with raises during the present quarter. About 24 percent said they’d increase salaries by at least five percent. Another 44 percent anticipate increasing salaries by four percent or less.

More than 40 percent of bosses in the financial services industries said they would be hiring.  This is particularly interesting to us, since Key Corporate Services is a major finance and accounting executive search company.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team