Preparing for a video interview

More and more companies are using video interviews to vet candidates either initially or exclusively.

You may ask “Are they different from the traditional face-to-face interview? If so, how should I prepare?”

video interviewing suggestions

A video interview has both similarities and differences from a traditional interview. Follow these tips for success in your video interview:

Location Matters.

Just like real estate, location is important. So, plan ahead where you will conduct your interview. Consider where you will be sitting while you do the interview. Remember, the background is visible to the interviewer. So avoid any distractions taking place behind you at the time. People or pets moving in the background while you are being interviewed takes the focus away from you.

Test that computer

Since you will be doing the interview by computer, make sure your hardware is working. Test the software you will be using to connect by video ahead of time. If there are problems, it’s best to know and adjust accordingly before the big event. Use or borrow another computer if necessary.

Practice Your Answers

This advice is the same as for a face-to-face interview. Certain questions are almost a certainty. So, practice your answers. The only difference lies in the fact that you must talk “normally”. Many people doing a video interview the first time have a tendency to speak unnaturally loud. They fail to recognize this. They should converse in a normal tone as if the interviewer is right there in front of them.

Minimize Notes

There’s a temptation to have notes available when doing a video interview. After all, the person on the other end cannot see your notes. Resist this urge. Rattling papers or losing concentration because you are looking off-screen can hurt. You don’t want ANY distractions.

Eye Contact

And finally, remember eye contact is the key to a great interview. Never forget the importance of maintaining direct eye contact with the interviewer. To do this, you need to look directly into the camera itself – NOT the screen or the keyboard. So, know where the camera’s eye is located and remember to look into it at all times. This may require practice before the interview.

Following these simple tips will help you present yourself well in your next video interview. Good luck.