Top Recruiting Trends to watch for in 2015 – Trend #6

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At Key Corporate Services, we have long-term relationships with many of the company hiring managers for which we recruit.  Time and time again, we observe the companies that seem to “land” the top talents are those who take a leading edge approach to the hiring process.   One such leading edge approach is to focus on performance-based hiring. Many hiring managers are finding this approach a better way to objectively measure candidates against criteria that more effectively predicts success.

So, how is such a performance-based interview structured?

The first step is to focus on verifiable instances of past performance.

By asking candidates about specific goals they’ve achieved, you give them the opportunity to elaborate and impress you with facts that serve as evidence of their work ethic and talent.  Otherwise, having a candidate simply telling you they possess those things doesn’t mean a lot.

Ask candidates how they handled tasks outside their comfort zone.

Asking questions of this nature allows the hiring manager to understand the skills achieved by the candidate through taking on tasks in which they have little experience. This tells the interviewer that this candidate is likely to be confident in decision-making skills and have the talent to back it up.

Does past work experience show upward mobility?

 It’s normal to ask about prior work experience, but look for signs of upward mobility in work history. Top candidates often will make career moves based on increased challenges and responsibilities.  Their career path will not be a linear one. So, ask questions about whether there was increased responsibility with each change and whether anticipated objectives were met.

Following this trend toward performance-focused interviewing allows a hiring manager to better identify the leading candidates for a position and make a job offer quickly.

At Key Corporate Services, we partner with hiring managers to identify and match critical high-volume jobs every day. We can bring the best talent to the hiring manager quickly, enabling the firm to immediately make an offer.

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