Six secrets to recruiting and hiring top-quality employees

At Key Corporate Services, we have been very successful at matching top candidates to our client positions for sixteen years. It’s always our objective to develop partnerships with clients with a common goal to attract only the finest talent. It is success achieved by tailoring the executive search and recruitment process to the specific needs of our clients – first qualifying the characteristics of each position to be filled. Knowing that, we then proceed through the hiring process of Candidate Research, Identification, and Evaluation & Selection.

If you are a company looking to hire employees and are not currently using the services of an executive recruiter, follow these key steps to develope a successful recruiting process:

Accurate Job descriptions are a must!

Many companies fail to post accurate job descriptions. This often dooms the company to failure right out of the gate. The job description may be outdated, having been written long ago. The requirements for success in the position may have morphed over time as the responsibilities of the position changed. New skill sets may have to be added to the description. Be sure your description includes metrics and objectives that are expected for the position.

Identify your “Success profile”.

When hiring the best candidate for a position, develop the ideal profile for a person in that job. Think about the most successful people who currently work in the position, focusing on the top performers only. What skills and attributes do they possess that set them apart from the rest of the crowd?

Post the ad in the right mediums

While the Internet has become the process “du jour” for job postings, don’t forget other, more targeted, options. Consider any trade publications and local newspapers. These mediums may actually represent “less cluttered” sources for finding top talent.

Use a short and simple phone interview to help identify those top candidates.

Many companies forget how beneficial a preliminary phone interview can be in narrowing down the pool of applicants. Using consistent and defined questions, a quick phone interview will determine if a candidate appears ideal and should be invited to a more detailed face-to-face interview.

You have “profiled” the position; now use a proven assessment tool to identify the skills and behaviors needed.

Resumes and phone interviews aside, you still need to know what behaviors the candidate brings to the table. Do they match your ideal profile for someone to be successful in the position? A good assessment test can be given online or in person to achieve this and provide additional information valuable to the selection process.

Schedule the interviews and select the top candidate

Using a consistent set of interview questions, interview and compare the applicants. Your selection will be guided by comparing all applicants against the profiled job description.

Following these steps will help you with hiring top applicant for your next position. And, that will make the process worthwhile for everyone involved.


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