Susan Pennington joins Key Corporate Services and focuses on pharmaceuticals and biotech recruiting!

Susan Pennington is an executive recruiter in the pharmaceuticals and biotech practice area of Key Corporate ServicesSusan Pennington joined Key Corporate Services in September. She is focusing on CMO’s that serve pharmaceutical and biotech companies, in which Key Corporate Services is a national recruiting leader.

Susan brings to our company a wealth of experience in human resources, sales and management. She has worked in sales since age 15. For many years, she was a district director of sales for a major retail chain. She led the hiring, recruiting, and interviewing effort in her region.

Next, Susan served as the senior sales analyst for a major national telecommunications company. She led the on-boarding process for the entire North America sales team. This high-level position kept her quite busy working across the country, introducing some of the best talent in her industry to their new roles.

Susan’s blend of knowledge, experience, skills, and accomplishments in both sales and human resources makes her a very valuable addition to our team!

When asked about what makes Key Corporate Services different as an executive recruiting firm, Susan says, “From the start, I have been really impressed with Jeff and Dave and what they’re doing with the company. Where they’re taking it and how focussed they are on training us to be the best.  They take a very organized approach to growth and insist we all deliver the high quality service and results our clients are used to.”

Concerning the atmosphere at our company, Susan comments, “I just think it’s very positive attitude. Everyone is willing to help each other. So willing to give you direction–constructive advice. It’s a very family & team oriented atmosphere. For example, we have our weekly book club. We have been reading and discussing, Hire With Your Head. It’s a constant learning environment here. It has to be, as the world is moving all the time.”

Susan is networking with top business development professionals from CMOs (contract manufacturing organizations), as well as hiring managers in CMOs who are looking for top talent. If Susan has not contacted you yet, you can be sure you are on her list! If you would like to speak with Susan right away she can be reached at 317-598-1950 x 111 or email

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