The 3 Worst Interview Faux Pas

If you are a candidate looking for a job, unless you are the boss’s son-in-law, you can’t avoid the inevitable time when you will have to do an interview.

At Key Corporate Services, we are always staying abreast on current trends in interviewing by reading and talking to hiring managers. A recent blog entitled The 3 Worst Interview Faux Pas caught our attention.

They are simple, but true, caveats you want to avoid at all costs.  They are:

  Constantly talking about the problems of past employers

If you are going to mention anything negative about a prior employee, you better follow it up by explaining how you made the best of the situation. How did you turn this challenge into an opportunity? Employers DO NOT want you grinding the axe about bad managers or fellow employees.  You want to show you are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  Constantly talking and not listening

Moments of silence in an interview are not bad.  It can show the hiring manager you are giving thought to what you are about to say.  So, don’t fall into the trap of feeling you have to “fill the air space” with needless chatter.  As your granddad always said,”there’s a reason God gave you two ears and only one mouth”. You want to listen to the interviewer more than just talking.

   Expressing a negative attitude

If there’s anything that represents the “KISS OF DEATH” in an interview, it’s a negative attitude.  The right (positive) attitude is as important to companies as experience when deciding on a candidate.  This relates to how they think you will fit into their culture.  I know of no company looking for negative-minded people, do you?

At Key Corporate Services, we work closely with candidates to maximize a strong presentation during the interview.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team