The Disney Institute recognizes the importance of onboarding and training

Key Corporate Services is more than a nationally recognized executive recruiting firm. We take a 360° approach to hiring with a strong emphasis on behavioral interviewing, onboarding, training, and career planning. So we celebrate when we see excellent organizations like the Disney Institute speaking our language, and we seek to learn from them and compare best practices.

The blog post Optional or Operational? The Case for Great Training from the Disney Institute has several great messages, but this comment about onboarding stood out in particular:

Onboarding – A new hire will make many judgments about an organization based on their first few days; therefore, onboarding training is crucial for both the employee and the company. This training should go beyond “how-to” training into the “why” of an organization. By sharing the organization’s history and values, new hires will be more empowered to embody the spirit of the company and feel more fulfilled.

The emphasis on “why” here is really important. Today, a company can’t be successful simply by telling its employees what to do and expecting them to follow. Rather, what’s needed is “buy-in” by all employees that results in real dedication to the mission of the company. Onboarding and every other type of training is crucial to realizing this level of dedication.

If you are looking for help finding excellent talent from a company with a 360° approach to hiring, then we might be a good fit for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team
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