The Millennial Interview – It requires a different approach!

As a large executive recruiter, Key Corporate Services places candidates of all ages. Of course, a large number of them are millennial’s.  By 2020, they will represent some 40% of the workforce.  An interesting article by, an online career advice site, highlighted some of the adjustments an interviewer should make when interviewing this age group.

Some of the suggestions include:

entrepreneur-593358__180Outline the broad picture

A company’s mission statement and its relevance to making a positive impact on society are important to a millennial.  They want to make meaningful contributions.  So, if your company supports good initiatives in the community, highlight those.  The candidate wants to know if your company as a good corporate conscience that extends beyond the bottom line of generating revenue.

Work/Life balance is important

Flexibility in balancing work and life is important.  Can your company offer some “telecommuting day” options?  Does your company have exercise facilities where employees can workout? Smart companies adapt to change, so make sure yours is flexible enough to understand that employees have interests outside of the office.

Discuss growth potential and long-term goals

Forget the promise of incentives that only come with long-term employment. Millennials are not opposed to jumping ship if a company doesn’t have real opportunities for advancement. They are not shy about discussing long-term goals and financial expectations, and they want to know your company anticipates rewarding their career growth.

Make a point of asking about individual interests

The millennial generation is a highly educated and passionate group. Explore their interests during the interview.  You may learn of talents that could represent a gold mine for your company beyond those highlighted on their resume. And, asking about personal interests will help the candidate to be relaxed.

Highlight your company’s perks

Millennials expect your company to be up on the perks in your industry.  And, they want to be associated with a company that leads the industry in this area. Such benefits result in true commitment and loyalty by the millennial and increased productivity.

Despite preconceived notions, this generation does want to change work expectations for the better. So, they are willing to push boundaries and hold companies accountable for improving work environments.  Most importantly, millennials are willing to work hard if given the right opportunity.

-from The Key Corporate Services Blog Team