The right way to answer “what’s your greatest weakness?”

If you’re prepping for an interview, be ready for this question. After all, it’s probably the most pervasive question asked in any interview. It is “What is your greatest weakness.”


If you think the correct way to answer this question is by spinning a positive into something that could appear negative just to get through the question without looking like you actually have any weaknesses, you’ve probably revealed your real issue then and there—a lack of clarity, honesty, and capacity for self-introspection.

The reality is, your answer to the question should be well considered and relevant to the job and the interview, and it should be an actual point you’d like to work on and improve—not something designed to just make you look good.

However, you don’t want to state your greatest weakness is something that’s core to the job you’re applying for. Instead, craft a sincere response that shows you have a little ambition and plenty of room to grow and learn new things. And, mention actions you are taking to correct that weakness.

The truth is, many interviewing managers asking this question are looking for honest, self-reflecting answers. If someone cannot answer this question with honesty or tries to spin it, they will not hire them.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team