The three most important skills to highlight in any job interview-Skill#1- Communication

Skill #1- Communication


In any job interview, there is a tendency for a lot of candidates to focus on the technical requirements of the position.  While technical knowledge is important, just as important are the “soft skills” necessary to the job.

The fact is, just about any interviewer will be looking for these soft skills during the interview to determine if you are the “right fit” for the culture of the company.

The first skill you must showcase in any interview is communication.

How clear and effective you communicate with the interviewer is critical. In reality, this skill is often exhibited before the interview even takes place. The resume and cover letter you already provided communicates volumes about you. They must be well written, with no grammatical errors.

During the interview, great eye contact and attentive listening will convey strong communication skills through body language. Don’t feel you need to fill conversation voids.  Pausing between a question asked by an interviewer and a response you give will not reflect poorly on you.  It simply shows the interviewer you are thoughtful and organized in your response.

While any interview has its own nuances, they all contain similar elements related to human dynamics.  At the very basic, these elements relate to how well you relate (communicate) with the other person (interviewer).  You want to come out of the interview feeling you “connected” in the best way possible with another person.

At Key Corporate Services, we help candidates prepare for interviews by knowing the qualifications needed in the job and what the hiring manager is looking for.  And, we’ll work hard to match your qualifications to the perfect job.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team