There *are* opportunities for the older exec–but you have to beat the “age filter”

A recent article in The Ladders  caught my eye. The story pointed out that, in the next year, the percentage of workers age 50 and older is expected to rise 52%.

It’s a fact that more and more Americans remain longer in the work force and the job search. Postponing or canceling retirement to return to the workforce is something more people are doing. While the reasons are usually financial, sometimes it’s just a case of feeling “unproductive” when not working that drives someone to re-enter the work force.

If you’re over 50 and considering getting back into the work force, or even considering a change in employers, take heart!  While you are competing against younger competitors, there is real value to your uniqueness and breadth of experience that can help you win that plum position over the more youthful candidate.

Yes, the possible issues of age discrimination are real. Employers often indiscriminately filter out applicants based on age. But older job candidates can mitigate some of those age-related landmines by practicing their own version of “age filtering.” Simply put, don’t make your age an early issue in the interview process.

We at Key Corporate Services specialize in helping you identify positions you might otherwise not know about. And, we’re pleased to add, some of these clients are looking for “seasoned” employees. You can also find additional resume tips on our website as you “filter” your resume.