Top behavioral questions you may be asked during an interview

Hiring managers use behavioral questions during an interview to determine a  candidate’s skill levels, work ethic, competence, attitudes, and work style. They differ from the usual questions in that they are formatted in the S.T.A.R. format. Such a format would pose a question, asking the candidate to answer by stating the Situation and Task, then explaining the Actions the candidate took and the subsequent Results.

behavioral quesions

Popular behavioral questions include:

Tell Me About How You Worked Effectively Under Pressure

One of the top behavioral interview questions is “Tell me about how you worked effectively under pressure.”  The hiring manager wants to determine if the candidate has been challenged by work situations and how they handled themselves under pressure.

Have You Ever Made a Mistake at Work? What Happened and What Did You Do About it?

Another one of the top behavioral interview questions is “Have you ever made a mistake at work? What happened, and what did you do about it?” With this question, the hiring manager is not trying to find out if the candidate ever made a mistake. He expects the answer to be YES.  His real desire is to find out how the candidate handled the mistake and learned from it.

Give an Example of a Goal You Reached and How You Achieved It

Setting goals and achieving them reflects the strength of a candidate.  Top behavioral interview questions include “Give an example of a goal you reached at work and how you achieved it.” Knowing goal objectives, their timelines, and successfully project managing objectives to reach or exceed the goal reflects an ability to practice teamwork and work well within departments and small workgroups.

While there are many different behavioral questions a hiring manager may ask, simply knowing and practicing the proper format of answering in the S.T.A.R. format will enable the candidate can answer in an effective manner and provide the real information the hiring manager is looking for.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team