Ways a Job Seeker CAN Penetrate those Target Companies

The number of people a job seeker acquaints themselves with at a target company and when they establish this relationship are critical in the hiring process.  You see, most only meet 3-5 people at that company, and it usually only occurs when they interview.

At Key Corporate Services, our long term relationships with clients enables us to understand their needs and what they are looking for when it comes to finding the right candidate for a position.  But, a similar relationship should be pursued by any job seeker with their target companies. The value of establishing such a relationship before obtaining that all-important invitation to an interview is obvious.

The more people you meet the more knowledge you’ll have about how the target company works.

Think about it.

As a job seeker, if you can meet and acquaint yourself with multiple people inside the target company BEFORE your first HR contact, you will gain valuable information about how the company works. The more you know about the company, the more likely that you’ll impress the people who are interviewing you.

So, how does a job seeker go about making those valuable connections that will create awareness of your candidacy/unique skills before the interview?

We offer these suggestions:

LinkedIn – It’s the ultimate business professional social media site. Use this to connect to people within the target companies. Join the groups they belong to and become a member. You can email them directly and begin to network within the group.

Facebook – follow target employees’ Facebook sites.  First “like” their page and then begin providing feedback.  “Share” and “Like” their content.

Phone/reception staff – when making contact with these people, be friendly and upbeat. A pleasant “how’s your day going?”  is appreciated and will be remembered later when your meet these gate-keepers.

Seek other contact connections when you interview – During the interview, take the opportunity to ask if you can meet other people who might be working on your team.  All they can say is “no”.

Blogging/Public Relations – If you have a blog, certainly highlight your target company, their new products, or upcoming charity events.  Link to the target company’s public relations team

Company websites – Find out who runs the company’s website and offer feedback to the webmaster.  Offer to write a review of a product or service of the company.

Industry Conferences – Find out what conferences, trade shows your target company attends to show off products and services and try attending these shows. They are a rich source of potential contacts.

By following some of these suggestions, any job seeker can become “known” to their target companies. This can only benefit them as they seek employment there. Make all contacts with confidence and don’t appear desperate. Make the process part of an integrated strategy to build awareness of you and the contribution you can bring to the company.

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