When interviewing, know how to answer “Do You Have Any Questions for Me?”

asking questions during an interview

Okay, we all know how stressful an interview can be. You want to learn as much about the company you’re interviewing for as possible. So, when the end comes and the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them, be prepared! Here are questions you might ask and the merits of each:

“No, not really” or “What does your company make?”

These are probably the two worst answers you can give. They give the appearance that you lack preparation. Certainly, this is not the way to end an interview.

“What is the greatest problem that you would expect me to resolve?”

This is a critical question that will help you understand the primary issue that the employer needs rectified.   Armed with that information you can then relate similar or identical experiences and subsequent achievements, which will demonstrate your ability to succeed in the role.

“Why is this position open?”

This question is fine and can be very revealing. While the interviewer is most likely not going to tell you truthfully the previous person quit because the department was dysfunctional, seeing how open they are to answering the question can be more telling than the answer itself.

“What is the biggest challenge that I will face in this position?”

This question can make a good impression on the hiring manager. By asking this, you are already thinking of yourself as being in the position and proactively planning on how best to do the job.
“What do you like best/worst about working for this company?”

The culture of the company and the values of the specific person doing the interview can be revealed by this question. This could be particularly beneficial if your prospective boss is interviewing you.

“What is the next step?”

Your last question will be a version of this, directed to the human resources person. It shows your continued interest in the process. More important, it will give you a timeline on when to contact them again

Preparing for questions you know you will be asked is a great way to manage the stress associated with the job interview process. Responding appropriately to this question will help you end the interview on a positive note and improve your chances of a successful outcome.