3 signs it’s time for a new job

Fantasizing about a new career at some point in your life is normal. LinkedIn reports that of its 313 million members, 25% are active job seekers, while 60% can be considered passive job seekers – people who are not proactively searching for a new job, but seriously willing to consider opportunities. So, the allure of “moving on” to a new career is a common one.

Yet, the prospect of leaving the security of any job for the uncertainty of a new career can provoke anxiety in a lot of people.  In spite of the stress associated with making a move, there are definitely signs when taking the plunge is worth it.

Signs that it’s time to find a new job include:

  • You are not learning.  You may feel stagnant in your current job and there is absolutely no mind stimulation. The job is repetitive and there is no additional learning curve to feed your hungry mind.
  • You are just doing it for the money. While we all are prone to stay in jobs for a period just for the money, it’s unrewarding at best and demotivating at worst. Financial rewards can’t replace the satisfaction that comes from enjoyment, sheer curiosity, learning, and personal challenges.
  • You hate your boss. This is a “big” thing. It’s a fact that 75% of working adults find that the most stressful part of their job is their immediate supervisor or direct line manager. Until organizations do a better job at selecting and developing leaders, employees will have to lower their expectations about management or keep searching for exceptional bosses.

While these signs are not the only ones justifying a career move, they represent some very common causes for employee dissatisfaction in current jobs.  There are many other valid reasons for leaving a company, such as economic pressures or downsizing.

If you feel the need to explore other career opportunities, check out our job listings. Then, give us a call.  Our specialists’ will work to help you make the move to a new and fulfilling position.

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team