7 Tips for Finding the Best Industrial Chemicals Recruiter

Not all recruiters are the same. Many try to be all things to all candidates. But the savvy job hunter understands there’s a difference, and appreciates the importance of aligning with a recruiter that has an established practice within a unique industry. To simplify, you wouldn’t call a roofer to fix your home’s plumbing, so why work with a recruiter who specializes in human resources when you’re seeking a role in the industrial chemicals space?

Here are 7 tips for finding the best industrial chemicals recruiter:

  1. Industrial Chemicals RecruitmentGet Referrals – The easiest way to find the right recruiter is by simply asking your friends who they recommend and why. When you have colleagues who have already gone through the process, you can rely on their experiences to save time and avoid common pitfalls. A good referral minimizes unsuccessful efforts.
  2. Search Smart – Google and Indeed.com have fine-tuned their algorithms to deliver precise search results. You can use these engines to identify the recruiters who are currently filling jobs in the industrial chemicals industry. Your next step is to look at the recruiter’s website to see whether they are, in fact, specialists, or generalists with a large library of open jobs. Drilling down will get you to the right recruiter.
  3. Interview the Recruiter – After you’ve found the recruiters you feel can help you best with your search, talk to them about how they work with candidates like you in your industry. Do they take the time to market you to various companies? Or are they only focused on a few core clients? If those clients don’t align with your interests, they’re probably not the right fit.
  4. Proactive Participation – When a recruiter calls to recruit you or to ask you for referrals of people who might fit their open positions, always be an active participant. By proactively working with recruiters – even when you aren’t seeking a new job – you’re setting a positive precedent. Those recruiters will remember how cooperative and helpful you were. When the time comes that you’re looking for your next opportunity, they’ll be more apt to help you.
  5. Don’t Forget LinkedIn – Don’t discount the most obvious online tool. LinkedIn can be a tremendous resource when you’re looking to expand your network. By connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn, you can see which ones are responsive to you – a good indication they may be a good choice to work with in your job search.
  6. Get Found – You want to have an active presence on social media. LinkedIn is paramount, but Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other channels also have their positive attributes. The purpose is to give prospective recruiters and employers an idea of who you are and how you can help them. Your LinkedIn profile should be robust, offering a healthy dose of details about your capabilities and achievements. Make sure you treat LinkedIn as a social media stream for business and keep the less professional items on the other networks. And while on LinkedIn, participate. When connections post interesting articles or ask questions, offer useful responses to build your perception as an expert in the field.
  7. Network Like Crazy – The most important step in all job search activities is networking. Building a strong foundation of connections is what will enable you to find the best opportunities in the industry. Don’t hesitate to call or email anyone who you think can direct you toward meeting with the best recruiters. Networking is hard – but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Putting in the effort will result in you being found more frequently by those who are hiring. You’ll gain greater access to quality opportunities, and ensure you align with the right job for your skill-set.

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