Attracting top talent- three suggestions that help!

At Key Corporate Services, we work with great companies every day.  Each of them has one thing in common; they all want to attract the TOP TALENT in the most efficient way.  After all, recruiting can be a long arduous task, if not handled correctly.

Having watched the hiring process from both the perspective of the corporate client and also the candidate, we offer three simple, but effective suggestions any company should keep in mind. They will enable you to beat the competition consistently in the labor market and land the top talent consistently. And isn’t that the goal?

  • Streamline your hiring process:  Make it as simple as possible for candidates to apply for open positions.  To this end, use mobile-friendly apps for access to open positions.  Keep the application as short and simple as possible.  The intent is to make the application process as quick as possible.  You want to move quickly with decisions.  Make job offers in a matter of days, not weeks.
  • Sweeten the pot: Top talent want more than just a competitive salary. Other benefits are also important, like flexible scheduling or telecommuting options, healthcare packages, onsite perks, and a great company culture.
  • Be willing to negotiate: Accept that you operate in a competitive market for the best talent. So, have an “ace” up your pocket to pull out when needed to snag the best talent.   In short, be prepared to negotiate salary and benefits to a reasonable extent with top talent.

At Key Corporate Services, we help companies navigate the terrain in landing great talent.  We will work with you to find top talent and then place that talent in your organization.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team