Business Leaders Paint a Rosy Economic Outlook for the Next Two Years

At Key Corporate Services, our recruiting specialists in our Finance and Accounting division are focused on attracting leaders — professionals who can confidently communicate while managing both themselves and a team. The Finance industry, historically, has always played an important role in generating significant economic activity and job creation throughout the country. So it was encouraging for us to read a recent article by detailing a rosy forecast by industry leaders for economic growth this year.

Surveying business leaders across the country, the article stated that 83% felt confident the US economy will improve over the next two years. And 78% of company leaders feel their own company’s key metrics such as employment, productivity, profits and capital investment will grow in excess of 5 percent.

The elections bode well for the economy, say respondents

Interesting to note; a whopping two-thirds of respondents believe the recent US election results will have a positive impact on their company’s operations. That’s not to say there is no uncertainly about the factors that might affect future growth. Quoting Bob Rosone of Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services, “Certain economic and geopolitical issues are among the obstacle these executives cite in the survey.” The respondents, however, were hopeful that these challenges might be addressed with policy changes by the new administration. Chief among them is a desire for changes in the corporate tax rates and keeping interest rates low.

Technology and Talent are key investments

Business leaders cite investments in technology and talent are critically important. Cloud computing and data analytics technology are a focus as are employee development and training. Also interesting to note, 72% of respondents say they are having a hard time finding new employees with the right skills and education.

Business leaders increasingly looking to Global markets for growth
Respondents indicated an increasing focus on overseas markets as a way to expand operations, boost productivity, and develop new products and services. Canada, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific are expected to be the top three contributing markets.

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