Calling all flavorists (flavor chemists)! We at Key Corporate Services appreciate what you do and would like to get to know you…

Flavorists, also known as flavor chemists–your secret is out! We know about the important work you do at the flavor houses and other companies, big and small. We know that you are few in number but your influence on American and world food culture is immense.

Key Corporate Services is interested in getting to know flavorists (flavor chemists)Your educational experience runs the gamut from high school graduate to chemistry PhD. But for most of you, education wasn’t the key to your success. Rather, you had excellent senses of taste and smell and, even more importantly, an innate talent for understanding how flavors worked together in foods of all types. In your world, it’s all about performance: you can do what most other people cannot.

As one of the top recruiters in the United States for the food ingredient, flavoring, and neutraceutical industries, Key Corporate Services is committed to understanding what you do, who you are, and what positions are available to flavorists in the marketplace today. Whether you are looking for a new position right now or are happy where you are at, we would love to hear from you at 317-598-1950.

For those readers of the blog who are not flavorists but would like to get to know this fascinating world a little more, here are some interesting resources:

We look forward to hearing from all flavorists, and I hope our regular readers found the above resources interesting!

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team