Corporation partners with Key Corporate Services to identify, then fill Leadership position

Key Corporate Services has a well-deserved reputation with corporate clients as a recruiting firm  that can fill key positions quickly in an efficient manner.  We do this by putting candidates through a behavioral interviewing process, ensuring they are most suited for the position before introducing them to the corporate client.  This has resulted in a fill rate of over 98% and an average of less than 3.3 candidates interviewed for a successful hire.

An example of how important the role behavioral interviewing plays in the search process can be found in the story of a placement made through our horticulture, agriculture and growers division.

Prior to using Key Corporate services, a manufacturer and provider of products and services to independent lawn and garden centers was paralyzed by fractured leadership. Within five years the board of directors had hired three separate presidents. As leadership shifted, their company’s sales and market shares continued to slowly diminish.

With Todd’s help, the board of directors identified the right type of behaviors necessary for a president to be successful, understanding what qualities were needed to hire the right candidate became much clearer.

Using our behavioral interviewing process, we were able to identify three candidates that fit the ranked behaviors and technical parameters of the position. One of these candidates was eventually chosen.

Three years later the individual hired has remained in their position and engagement among employees has improved. Not only has sales and market share increased but a long term strategy plan has been developed and implemented. Behaviors have stayed true to benchmarks and the board of directors finally found an employee that they can work in harmony with.

If you’re an employer looking for an executive recruiter that can quickly match candidates to the requirements of a position, give us a call.

We will work with you to identify the key behaviors needed and find the “right” person for the job.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team