Employment trends in the Food Additives Industry-think “Certified’

As one of the major Food Additives Recruiters in the country, Key Corporate Services watches the trends and job prospects in this industry closely.

Food scientists are optimistic about future job prospects despite significant downsizing in the industry. Trends in processed foods, such as developments in nutraceuticals and functional foods, should keep the demand for trained food scientists steady. Food ingredient supply companies are likely to have more jobs available than those that process food, since the processors have been shifting research responsibilities to their suppliers.

Industry is trending toward certified flavorists

There has been increased demand within the food industry for certified flavorists in recent years. What we’re finding from a recruiting standpoint is that currently there is a much higher demand than there is supply of these types of individuals” commented Bobby Young, Key Corporate Services Executive Search Consultant for Food Ingredients/Nutrition.

“Becoming a certified flavorist is a seven year process. And, the current workforce in the industry has an abundance of people with 25-30 years experience. A lot of these are flavorists approaching retirement. So, there’s real opportunities now for younger candidates with certification,” added Young.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team