Finding time to job – hunt when you are still working

If you are looking for a new job, but are currently working, take heart.  In reality, many other people are doing the same thing.  Looking for new opportunities while still employed makes sense.  But, that doesn’t make the task any easier.  It takes time and, if you are presently working full-time, you may not seem to have enough.

We offer these suggestions:

Keep busy before and after work. And, you can write emails on your lunch break. (Bring your own laptop to send those emails, if necessary)

Use personal days or vacations days to consider a more focused search. Make a lot of phone calls and follow up on inquiries and leads.

Use company-related networking events and turn them into job searches. Take the opportunity to fine-tune and present your own elevator pitch on your skills and the direction you want your career to go.

Schedule informational meetings or take a lunch with former colleagues from previous jobs who might have a lead or two to share, or friends of friends who are open to talking to you about their company or the industry in general.

Try to interview outside of work hours by scheduling interviews over lunchtime or before your shift begins.

Ensure your social media profiles are up to date and provide examples, case studies and proof of your abilities.

Let people you trust know you are open to other opportunities, but to please keep this information to themselves unless they hear of another opening.

In summary, don’t let your work hold you back from finding a new job. You just have to use your time wisely and be flexible. Employers know many applicants have jobs and usually understand if you need to meet with them outside of regular business hours.

Be honest about your situation and look for ways to work with potential employers to find a solution that works for the two of you.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team