Five tips when attending a Job Fair

At Key Corporate Services, we know there are several ways a candidate can hunt for a job.  While we’ve written a whole series of blogs on the advantages of using an executive recruiter, we know there are times when other job-hunting tactics make sense, such as attending job fairs.

If you have attended a job fair, or are considering attending one, we offer five suggestions on how to maximize your effectiveness at the fair.

  1. Arrive early– know that recruiters attending the fair will be fresher, and arriving early may enable you to avoid the lines that can quickly form.
  2. Don’t go to your “first choice” employer right away. Instead, go to a few other interviews first. It will give you time to shake any jitters and make you more confident when you do make it to your most important interview.
  3. Respect the recruiter’s time.  While standing in line, listen to what the recruiter is telling others ahead of you. Then, don’t repeat the same questions. Also, don’t monopolize the recruiter’s time, keeping them longer than appropriate.
  4. Be prepared to interview on the spot– after all, that’s really why you attended in the first place, isn’t it? Therefor, research desired employers ahead of time.
  5. Attend any special workshops or seminars– relationships are important.  These forums represent opportunity to network with people who might be in a position to offer jobs.

If you have tried job fairs, but still haven’t found your next job, give Key Corporate Services a call.  Our specialists will analyze your skills and work hard to match you with the right employer.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team