Getting noticed by recruiters- Establishing the right relationship is important!

Being in the recruiting business for fifteen years, we at Key Corporate Services know the value of establishing good relationships with all our candidates.  It’s the real key to success for all parties involved.

A recent article by discussed the critically important details of a good relationship.

We list them below:

Trust the recruiter. Screen potential recruiters. Once you agree to let someone act as your advocate, step back and trust the person to do so without undue second-guessing.

Honesty is always the best policy. Recruiters are busy and appreciate candor. If you’re unlikely to consider a job change, don’t string the recruiter along, just say so. Also, make sure the recruiter has all the necessary information to represent you properly.

Be helpful. If a recruiter contacts you about an opportunity that you’re not interested in, consider whether you know someone else who might be. Recruiters love to be referred to good prospects.

Spare them the extras. Respect the recruiter’s time. They know exactly what they’re looking for in candidates and how to assess a possible fit. They don’t need to hear your life history.

Stay engaged. Remain an active participant in your job search. But, don’t call or email the recruiter every day. There’s a difference between being proactive and being a pest.

Work with a specialist. A specialized recruitment company like Key Corporate Services, boasts more industry-specific opportunities and contacts than a generalist company.

At Key Corporate Services, we value our relationships with all our candidates and work hard to match them to great jobs.

Give us a call when you’re reading to establish that relationship.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team