How Grammar and Spelling Errors can Ruin Your Job Search

“Always remember…proper spelling and grammar are important!”- Your Third-grade English teacher

At Key Corporate Services, we have been in the executive recruiting business for sixteen years. As you can imagine, we have seen a lot of candidate resumes during that time. And that brings us an important point that needs reiterated. Typos, misspellings and grammatical errors in your job search personal marketing materials (LinkedIn profile, resume, biography, etc.) reflect badly on you as a candidate.

“So, what’s the big deal,” you ask?

Yes, we all are guilty of spelling mistakes from time-to-time. We’re all prone to human error, right?

The fact is, no one should underestimate the adverse effect poor spelling and grammar can have on a candidate’s job search.

First impressions count!

We have mentioned many times; first impressions are critical during an interview. The handshake, the smile, and the correct clothes all count. But, before the interview occurs, your first contact was likely written. It could have been a resume or application. Any spelling or grammatical errors on these forms could result in a bad initial impression. And, it could even result in the resume or application being trashed, preventing any hope of an actual interview.

Spelling errors can sabotage your personal SEO.

In today’s world, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for you online. Spelling errors can cripple your personal SEO branding efforts in being seen by the right eyes. It’s all about relevant keywords and phrases (hard skills) when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But, if you have misspelled Project ‘Manger’, or Director of Channels and ‘Allinaces’, SEO may not interpret the misspelled words and you will be missed during that critical search by the recruiter.

execThe “Death by Association” effect

Misspells and grammar errors portray a candidate with an attitude of “I don’t give a damn”. It conveys a lack of attention to detail, laziness and a lack of pride in your work. Would any employer want to interview, much less hire, someone with those credentials?

The message is simple!

Diligent proofreading is a must. Review all your job search content before submitting or posting online. It’s best to do a follow up review of content after some time has passed. Fresh eyes often catch errors previously overlooked. Don’t just rely on Spell Check. Have others review your content for errors.

Remember, first impressions are everything!

You, alone, have control over ALL content you submit about yourself. Make sure it is accurate and free of any errors. You don’t want your resume being shredded simply because of a misspelled word or grammatical error. Nor, do you want a SEO to miss a match to YOU when searching for candidates with your skills and experience!

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