How to find a boss you want to work for

Who was it that first said:  “People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers“?

The statistics don’t lie.  According to a poll, a whopping 80% of those surveyed think they could do a better job than their boss.  Such general contempt begs a question that is certain to be on the minds of a lot of these malcontents:

Is there a way to find a boss you want to work for?

The answer is YES.  But, it involves some research.

Research prospective employers’ values

inspector-160143__180This really relates to management style.  If a company is staid and  button down in its work environment, chances are the manager is going to be the same way. Conversely, it the environment is loose and the company embraces balance between work and personal life, the manager might be more casual when interacting, less hierarchical and much more flexible.

Then, take some informational interviews

Once you identify companies that have a work environment that might appeal to you, network contacts to connect with people in those companies that have similar interests and career paths.  Then, contact them and ask them to coffee or lunch, and ask their advice about what it takes to get ahead. Don’t ask for a job, but if  you could schedule time to do an informational interview.

When you interview, ask questions wisely

Find a way to ask questions during the interview that tell you about management styles. “What is your turnover rate for employees managed? Have you ever fired someone and, if so, why? Describe how you see the person who gets this job spending a typical day. What would make a superstar employee?” Asking these types of questions can give you valuable insight into the person’s management style.

When the interviewer answers, pay attention to their body language. Are they confident in answering or uneasy with the questions?

Doing some research is the best way to Find the Boss of your dreams. Good luck.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team