How to walk out of an interview in a blaze of glory.

In any interview, there’s one question that is most certainly going to be asked.  And, how you answer it could instantly make you more approachable; hire-able; employable; and, most importantly, call-back-able.

The question comes near the end of the interview.  It is;


“So, do you have any questions for me?”

How you answer this question will, in large part,determine whether you stand out from the competition.  You see, while most job-hunting experts will advise you to respond with intelligent, creative questions such as “Why is this position vacant?”, “Do you promote from within?”, “Do you have a formal training program?”, etc. questions of this vain really don’t make you stand out.

The less boring and normal you are – and the more rules to which you are the exception – the more hire-able you will become.

So, try this: Next time your interviewer asks, “So, do you have any questions for me?” I triple-dog-dare you to answer with one of the following responses :

  • Do you see any gaps in my qualifications that I need to fill?
  • Are there any reasons I’m not fully qualified for this position?
  • Is there anything I’ ve said today that might hurt my chances of being hired here?
  • Now that you’ve had a chance to meet and interview me, what reservations would you have in putting me in this position?
  • What have I accidentally said or done during today’s interview that’s inconsistent with your perfect candidate for this job?

This strategy will separate you from the competition in the following  ways:

  • You put the interviewer on the spot
  • You demonstrate openness to feedback
  • You exhibit dedication to personal improvement
  • You close the sale

Think of this question as an  opportunity to answer in a creative way that marks you as more approachable than your competition. It’s the time when you can truly distinguish yourself from the other candidates.

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From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team