Increased Consumer demand for “International Flavors” driving new job opportunities with Food Companies

As a leading Food Ingredients, Additives & Nutraceuticals Executive Recruiter specializes in placing elite professionals within these industries, Key Corporate Services follows the changing trends closely as the food industry works to meet changing consumer tastes in cuisine.

A recent article in Food Business News entitled Flavor Mining focused on how an increasing demand for global flavors is pushing food and beverage companies to ramp up innovation efforts to capture and capitalize on the next chipotle or sriracha (a spicy, red sauce, popular in Thai food).

Well-known companies like McCormick & Co. are adjusting their flavor offerings to meet the increased consumer demand for more “international flavorings”. Today, 44% of all U.S. flavor occasions involve cuisine-specific or ethnic fare.  And, you see the result in the new products showing up on grocery shelves under its Zatarain’s and Thai Kitchen brands.

“We are seeing global cuisines having a large influence on local cuisines as well as in home preparation, and we believe that this interest in ethnic flavors is only going to get larger,” said Mervyn de Souza, Ph.D., general manager of biopharma and savory flavors for Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill.

“The concept of think global and eat local comes to mind. People associate ethnic foods with being fresh and flavorful and bold. The way in which consumers think about ethnic foods has expanded from just Hispanic and Asian to more sophisticated cuisines like Peruvian, Middle Eastern, etc.”

What do these trends in food flavorings mean for the candidate working in the Food Ingredients industry?  Changing consumer tastes drive increased demand for flavorists needed to develop the “international” tastes.

There has been increased demand within the food industry for certified flavorists in recent years. What we’re finding from a recruiting standpoint is that currently there is a much higher demand than there is supply of these types of individuals,” said Key Corporate Services Food Ingredients/Nutrition recruiter Bobby Young.

If you work in this exciting industry, give us a call. This might be a great time to consider a career change. We always have companies looking for bright candidates.

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team