Is the Oil and Gas Industry now looking for candidates with transferable skills?

As one of the leading oil industry recruiters, we at Key Corporate Services follow the news about this sector closely.  As such, a recent article in Rigzone (a leading oil and gas publication) caught our eye. The topic of the article pertained to the skills shortage facing the global oil and gas sector.

“Nearly half the industry workforce is now over 45.  And the shortage is most severe where the industry can least afford it to be – highly skilled, technical roles out in the field, crucial to any project.”

With the average age of oil and gas workers at 56, the industry is faced with a real dilemma.  Nearly half of the current pool of engineers in oil and gas are within 5-10 years of retirement age.  This presents a growing opportunity for people with the relevant transferable skills from other sectors. 

The article discusses backgrounds in military, mining, and energy fields as good sources for candidates desiring to make “lateral” moves into the oil and gas sector.

Key Corporate Services has a team dedicated to Oil and Gas, as well as  Chemicals and Chemical SpecialtiesConsumer Products, Horticulture and AgriculturePharmaceutical and Biotech,  Industrial ChemicalsManufacturing and EngineeringFood Ingredients and Additives, and the Finance and Accounting Industries.

Whether you are an experienced candidate in Oil and Gas, or have possible “transferable skills” that you think might align to this sector, give us a call.  We always have companies  looking to fill positions. Our team may know of an employer wanting someone with your experience.

The Key Corporate Services Blog Team