Jump start your career change- It’s all about *Positioning* yourself as a standout

The prospect of changing careers is both exhilarating and daunting. If you know exactly what you want to pursue, don’t become stymied by the enormous challenges the career-change process presents.

At Key Corporate Services, we’ve been in the business of matching candidates to new careers for fourteen years. In that time, we’ve been through a few downturns of hiring cycles.

So, we can tell you from experience how hiring executives think when it comes to either filling an existing role with a new person or opening up a new role. They want either:

  • The perfect candidate. One that exactly meets the requirements. No risk in the resume.
  • Or, someone who can wear several hats at once. This person needs to meet the requirements of the core role, but be able to play more than one position. More bang for the hiring buck.

So, how do you “position” yourself to maximize your chances?

A recent blog post on Monster.com highlighted the importance of defining your value proposition.  This included taking an inventory of the skills and experiences you can leverage in your career switch. Examples included:  transferable skills, experience, similarities to previous job environments and company types, etc.

Then, target one or two companies where there is the strongest match. These are your “bucket opportunities.”

At Key Corporate Services, our team of experts is trained to help candidates define their value proposition and then target employers with the strongest match. This helps you in two ways.  You focus your attention only on those target bucket opportunities.  And, you answer that all-important question; “Why you and not the hundreds of other people that would like this job?” 

From The Key Corporate Services Blog Team