Know how to promote yourself in your next job interview

Strange as it may seem, some of the greatest salespeople struggle to promote themselves. Could the problem be humility or inability to see the skills or value they bring to the table? Promoting yourself confidently and professionally without coming across as arrogant is critical in an interview.

At Key Corporate Services, we have some suggestions on how to sell yourself in your next job interview:

  •  Take the emotion out of the process.  If self-promotion is difficult, depersonalize the process by focusing on your product/industry knowledge and “idea” marketing skills.   Think of yourself as the product, discussing the features and benefits you bring to the table.
  • Stick to the facts. Interviewers love facts.  Give examples of when you saved time or money for a company. Share successful marketing strategies you have implemented in the past. How has your expertise benefited previous employers?
  • Present your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP)- You have to think about how you are unique from the competition.  How are you going to help the company in ways no one else can? Connecting with the interviewer on the value you can bring his company is critical. Displaying strong analytical and social skills clearly in the process is important. Pump your self-confidence by thinking of past endorsements you’ve received. Find a way to relate these confidently to the position at hand.
  • Practice Your Presentation. Practice your presentation ahead of time.  Rehearse the facts that make you highly valuable.  Know your numbers and facts. Practice incorporating your USP into your job interview.

While self-promotion may not be the most natural thing to do, even those who find it difficult must master this ability if they are to land the job offer over stiff competition.

From Key Corporate Services Blog Team