Looking for a C-level Executive job? Have Your Personal Branding Content in Order!

At Key Corporate Services, we specialize in placing many executive-level positions with our client companies. It’s our experience that many C-level applicants do not have the online content needed to best present them in the most attractive and competitive way. Perhaps the applicant has already been working at a C-level for many years. They may have acquired that job from a recruiter who called THEM. Now they find themself looking for a new job with limited understanding on how to best market their talents and skills to companies or hiring managers.

In short, they need to embrace personal branding and the proven methods so they will stand out from those competing for the same jobs.benz

Personal Branding– it’s the foundation for your career marketing!

In today’s world, competing for a job involves more than just aligning your skills and qualifications to certain target companies. You need to also develop your online personal branding that can act as a foundation for your entire career marketing material. This would include your executive resume, career biography, your LinkedIn profile and all your social media sites.

The smart competition is doing it, so you MUST also!

If you are uncomfortable with tooting your own horn, get over it! You have to realize personal branding involves this approach. And, you need to realize your competition is already doing this anyway!

Your best bet is to have a personal branding online presence that SHOUTS the ways you differ from the crowd. Don’t settle for just finding keywords and phrases that match the skills of the position. Find ways to highlight exceptional experience and skills in your branding that will set you apart from the rest.

Branding is NECESSARY- it’s NOT an option!Untitled

In today’s highly competitive C-suite job market, employers have their pick of the cream of the crop. There are many others (your competition) who fit the requirements down the line.

Dig deep and identify how you are different and exceptional. Then effectively describe in your branding how you possess personal attributes, passions, strengths, talents and values that go beyond just being a “good fit” for the requisite qualifications.

“Sameness” will not sell you over your competition. Spend some time developing a brand that sizzles and makes you unique.

Your branding can help you in many ways!

Think of great branding content as your blueprint for success across the job search landscape. You can use it to help explain your career goals as you network with others. It prepares your thoughts in an organized way, helping you to speak confidently to prospective employers. And, it helps you in the interview process to present yourself better than your competition.

In short, developing personal branding content that is exceptional will be your greatest asset as you pursue that C-level position.


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