Marketing your PERSONAL BRANDING to specific job postings

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Personal Branding- it is everything when it comes to landing a job!

personal branding, how to highlight your personal branding during the intervidw

 If you are job hunting, learn this mantra and repeat it daily..“PERSONAL BRANDING” your skills and expertise when applying for a new job is critical if you are to maximize your chances of getting the job offer over stiff competition.

And, when choosing which positions to apply for, you need to keep this personal branding approach in mind. It will help you “weed out” the good prospects from the poor ones.

So, how do you apply personal branding to the actual job hunt?

  • Look at the job postings with a critical eye. Find key words and phrases, taking note of repetitive uses of the same words and phrases that seem to be appearing time and time again. Ask yourself, what are the companies looking for? Then ask, “What do I have to offer them related to their need?
  • Focus on the jobs where you’ve identified the most matches between your personal branded skills and expertise to the needs mentioned in the posted positions. It’s a simple point-by-point listing of their needs against your skills and experiences that match those needs

Eliminate frustration and wasted effort by not applying for jobs where you do not match most, if not all, the identified needs of the job.